This is the engine as received for modification to "Safe for running" condition.

Engine stripped down for cleaning and assessment.

First step in this rebuild is to manufacture a new shaft.

And the finished crankshafts

As I was given permission to build a replica engine from this original in preparation for the release of a Cre8tionworx "Reeves Goblin" replica engine and possibly the addition of a modified version I have started the construction of several concept engines for this project. The cases are machined from solid bar at this point but production engines will follow the original format of die casting.

This is where the case manufacturing starts:

And the next step of progress showing the cylinder heads made and ready for the next stage.

Next stage of the prototype engines completed

Next stage now is to finish machining the 3 crankcases and and make the last 2 liners. Now, back onto the original engine repairs.............

New piston about to be machined up and fitted

Liner lapped and the new contra piston and piston assembly fitted and ready for final assembly


This is the repaired original engine with the new shaft, con-rod, gudgeon pin and piston fitted.

The original engine completed and assembled ready for test running, the old parts are in the plastic bag to return to the client.



Next step in the machining of the 3 crankcases for this project shown below.

1st step was to drill and tap the back plate bolt holes for a visual reference while profile machining the outside of the cases.

1st step in outside profile machining the case.

Starting to take some shape.............

And then we end up here...........

Here are all 3 cases starting to look more like engine crankcases.......

Now for the back plates......


Here's how the cases ended up looking like once all the machine work and finishing was completed

Assembly progress to date below.................

Here is the next stage in this engine build.

And here they are finally finished and ready for test running.

First test run of the replica of the original Goblin plain bearing engine.

first pop run of the twin ball race version of our Reeves Goblin replica engine

First test run of the TBR front rotary valve engine.