I received this engine from my friend Gerald Wimmer and was told "See what you can do with this" Always a dreaded statement as it usually means it'll be a major. So we started with a quick visual inspection.............

Oh dear, it turns over but completely ZERO compression..........

Carefully dismantled and ready for a long soak in our chemical bath to remove all that nasty goop..........

Well here's what came out of the cleaning solution.

Little bit less grime on it now so we can have a closer look to see where the love needs to be shown. We started with a quick run through the liner with a lap to clean up the bore for inspection.

OH DEAR......... The below photos reveal the cause of the somewhat lacking compression. A serious amount of water damage to the liner bore face means it's off to the honing machine we go to hopefully avoid the need to make another liner. As this liner is hardened it means we cant just remachine it on the lathe, without a bit of effort, so I'm kind of hoping that the damage doesn't go to deep into the bore face.

It very quickly became obvious that honing was simply not going to cut it. So then we had to decide, do we make a new one, set up and grind this one or attempt to remachine the bore. In the end we decided to go ahead and remachine the bore and turned out 0.25mm from the original size to get a good enough finish to allow honing and then lapping to final size and finish.

While we were at it we took the time to relap the liner with the corrected liner geometry to comply with more modern engine performance.

Below is the finished liner ready to take a new piston and contra.

Below is the cleaned case with the bottom end all reassembled and waiting for the new piston liner assembly to be done.

Prop driver and back plate have both been cleaned up and refitted to the case. Crank and con rod were also just cleaned and refitted so the engine so far is still all original.

Now its onto the piston, contra, gudgeon.