Well this job was sent in by a friend of mine to see if it was possible to make it run again.......... So to say "that's going to be a bit of a task" is somewhat of an understatement, LOL lets see what we can do.

First job is clean and then remove the seized in old bearings.

So we have managed to dismantle the engine without incurring any further damage thankfully. The bearings are actually rusted solid!!!

Next step is to properly clean and refinish the case, clean up the back plate thread and polish the venturi back to like new and replace the "o" ring seal at the same time. Once this is done we'll make a back plate and crank, along with the prop driver and spinner nut.

Here's the cleaned up crankcase ready to proceed with the rebuild.

Next it's onto the venturi.


Well that was the easy part, now we'll start on a full set of tooling to allow us to manufacture all the missing parts etc.

First up was to make and fit the needle jet assembly, then well make the actual needle.

after we've done the needle it's onto the crank and front end assembly.